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August is Tradies National Health Month

August is Tradies National Health Month

August is Tradies National Health Month

August is Tradies National Health Month, and the initiative focuses on looking out for the health and safety of our tradies. The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is leading the initiative with a number of events around the country. Physios will be available to provide free consultations for tradies who attend these events. The outcome is to encourage tradies to seek medical services and to be conscious about their physical health on the job.

WorkSafe has revealed that 10 Australian tradies are badly injured each day, which is 3,560 per year. All of these tradies are working on construction sites, and these injuries can be mitigated with revised procedures and policies in place. This August let’s ensure that employers of tradies seek ways to ensure that unfortunate incidences are avoided or safety procedures are put in place to prevent injuries.

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*Information sourced via the Australian Physiotherapy Association. 

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