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What will the new penalty rates be?

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What will the new penalty rates be?

What will the new penalty rates be?

As we do each year, Employsure notifies clients of the new wage rates for employees covered by the relevant award for the specific industry they operate in.  Once there is greater certainty around the specifics of the arrangements to phase in the changes to penalty rates for the relevant Awards, Employsure will let impacted clients know what these changes will mean in practice, what the new rates to pay will be, and when they take effect.

The important thing to keep in mind is that these changes do not apply now. The reduction to public holiday penalty rates under the relevant Awards will begin on 1 July 2017. As for Sunday penalty rates, one of the possible options proposed by the FWC to phase in the reductions is through a series of annual adjustments on 1 July each year (commencing 1 July 2017) to coincide with any increases in Modern Award minimum wages arising from Annual Wage Review decisions.

Download the overview of the penalty rates decision, as announced by the FWC on 23 February 2017 below.


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