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SMEs don’t rate Sunday rates

SMEs don’t rate Sunday rates

Penalty Rates

The reformation of Sunday and holiday rates is upon us. Australian small businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, are leading in the debate to change high labour costs. The discussion is on the Government’s radar and the Productivity Commission has been asked to review workplace laws. Sunday rates are crippling businesses who cannot afford to trade and Australian’s are disappointed as they cannot dine at their favourite restaurants on New Year’s Eve.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions states that 4.5 million people rely on Sunday and public holiday rates. If the debate is won businesses may become noncompetitive and there will be a negative consequence for youth employment.

Employers must consider staff’ willingness to work on Sundays and public holidays for less money. On top of this, employers will need to consider price relativity. If Australians are paid less will that mean that we can expect to eat and dine for less?

If you would like to review your staff’ wage entitlements call Employsure on 1300 651 415 or fill out the form below. We can ensure that you are paying your staff the correct amount and should any law changes occur we will keep you up to date.

*Information sourced via the Australian Financial Review.

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