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Repeated misconduct.

Sometimes an employee continues to behave badly and you will be tempted to end their employment. They keep being late or absent, for example, and you have already given them opportunities to improve.

You should warn your employee in writing at least once before ending their employment. Repeated misconduct may be serious enough for a first and final warning. If you do use warnings:

  • be clear about the reason for the warning
  • write down all the details
  • explain what you expect to be done differently
  • follow clear procedures before dismissing them.

Although the employee’s behaviour may not be bad enough to be serious misconduct, the fact they keep doing it could end up hurting your business. Dismiss an employee only in cases of serious misconduct or repeated offences or you could be taken to the Fair Work Commission.

Employsure will advise you on managing repeated misconduct and dismissal.

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