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Hiring the right person for the job can be positive and profitable for your business. As long as you have a rigorous selection and interview process, you will not waste time and money hiring the wrong person.

The rules against discrimination apply to job advertising, interviewing and the rest of the recruitment process, so make sure you select entirely on the applicant’s ability to do the job. You are not allowed to discriminate against a potential employee because of:

  • race or skin colour
  • sex or sexual orientation
  • age
  • physical or mental disability
  • marital status
  • family or carer’s responsibilities
  • pregnancy
  • religion or political opinion
  • national extraction or social origin

At the interview, you want to find out all you can about the applicant and they want to find out all they can about working for you. There is another important aspect to interviewing. Since most people you interview will have to be rejected later, always interview each one in a proper, professional manner. They will be less likely to pass on negative opinions about you and damage your reputation.

Employsure can advise you legal techniques for interviewing applicants. For peace of mind, please call our 24 hour Advice Line now on 1300 651 415.

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