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3 steps to minimise workplace bullying.

Bullying & HarassmentOctober 3, 2017

3 steps to minimise workplace bullying. (Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Studies reflect that a staggering 50% of employees in Australia experience workplace bullying at some point in their career. Bullying does not only have adverse effects on individuals, it also affects the organisation. Investigations in the past from the Productivity Commission discovered that bullying in the workplace cost Australian organisations up to $36 billion a year in lost productivity.

A proactive approach can help minimise the risk of workplace bullying. Our infographic outlines three simple steps to help employers minimise bullying in the workplace.

Step 1: Stay connected.

Consult with employees and health and safety representatives on a regular basis and ask the question – do they know of any bullying or any factors likely to increase the risk of workplace bullying?

Step 2. Set the standard.

Develop a workplace bullying and harassment policy and communicate the policy to all current and new staff. This document should outline the behavioural expectations on employees and also include reporting and response procedures for staff, so that there is a clear course of action if workplace bullying does occur. Outline the available support and assistance for anyone who feels bullied, so they know who to turn to within the organisation.

Step 3. Communicate, educate and enforce.

Ensure staff are not only aware of the workplace bullying and harassment policy, but take the time to ensure they understand the details of the documents. Make sure you discuss with staff what constitutes bullying, their rights if they are bullied and their responsibilities if they witness bullying in the workplace. It is also vital that the policy be enforced (and enforced equitably) across the workplace and that all allegations are taken seriously and dealt with in accordance with the policy.

If you don’t already have a Bullying and Harassment Policy, or require any advice around bullying, call Employsure’s advice team on 1300 651 415.

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