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6 Best Workplace Designs

Published December 16, 2020 (last updated February 18, 2021) -
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During your career life, you’ve probably interacted with various workplace designs, as a client, and as a consumer. As you walked into these offices, do you remember how it felt to exist in that space? Are there workplace designs that inspired you while others demoralized you? If yes, then you certainly understand the relationship between your workplace design and employee productivity. Finding an ideal workplace design is essential not only for brand and trend goals but also for general workforce wellness. By investing in a modern and inspiring interior design, you invest in your biggest asset- your employees. 

1. Living Walls 

Green walls have become a trend in modern office spaces, and with good reason. Incorporating greenery in urban spaces creates lively and inviting workspaces. As human beings, we all appreciate the beauty and presence of nature. Our tendency to seek connections with nature is due to a phenomenon known as biophilia. 

Biophilic designs improve cognitive and physical wellbeing, which is vital for focus and productivity. Whether on the external building façade or an internal wall, introducing plants to your workspace is an excellent way to reduce mental fatigue and stress and improve happiness. Happy employees are more motivated and willing to focus on work. 

2. Natural Light 

Waking up to natural sunlight and basking in its warmth doesn’t have to be restricted to a porch or beach. You can bring the joys of sunlight to your office by creating naturally lit spaces. The sun is known to ward off seasonal affective disorder that causes depression when there’s little to no sunlight. Unfortunately, your office space may contribute to employee depression by being dark or poorly-lit. Incorporating natural light into your workspace design elevates moods, reduces eye strain, and reduces your need for artificial lighting. 

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3. Break Out Areas 

Breakout spaces are essential, especially as your workforce characteristics change over time. These spaces provide an ideal location where employees can get together to discuss an idea or issue without calling an office meeting or taking the distractions to their desks. 

In a fast-paced modern workplace, break out areas support agility. Since breakout rooms are unstructured, they encourage employees to drop in comfortably, brainstorm, and collaborate on projects. Also, the breakout room atmosphere encourages employees to pop in and focus on a task before switching back to their shared workspace. 

4. Improve Your Paint 

Your choice of paint has a significant effect on employee mindset. Some colors might set off anxiety, while others may brighten the office. Finding the right color of paint for different workspaces is essential to ensure that your workplace design improves employee motivation as much as the Monday morning briefing. 

A cool blue inspires relaxation, which improves productivity, while a cool gray calms the mind. For a bright and invigorating workspace, a Chartreuse green or yellow is a superb choice. However, if you’re looking to create a “powerful” office where you can pitch ideas and sign contracts, a marigold yellow is an excellent choice for an accent color. 

For the company breakout room, try and strike a balance between bright orange and industrial gray. When your workers leave the breakout room, give them a sense of privacy in the shared office by breaking up spaces with color. For example, you could paint each desk partition differently to break the monotony of one continuous color. 

5. Have a View 

How many pennies would you give for every cherished view you enjoyed from a building? Indeed, our office views are rarely where we desire to spend our holidays, but can bring joy and calm. Scenic views are beautiful and sublime, which creates tranquility and elevates our moods. 

Workers that have better views from their office enjoy improved wellness, which reflects in their productivity. Keeping large clear windows may help enhance opportunities for a view from the office. If your space is small, it may help to design a breakout room or recreational area with a view of the surroundings to boost employee satisfaction at the office. 

6.  Private Work Booths 

While there has been an emphasis on boosting collaboration through shared workspaces, don’t discard private office idea just yet. A shared workspace increases the risk of infections because there are higher opportunities for contact. This means that you may process more sick leaves than necessary or have an empty workspace when everyone comes down with the flu. 

What’s more, opportunities for distractions from colleagues through frequent chats are higher in a shared room. Creating private booths reduces distractions and also reduces chances for infection. Employees can also enjoy personal workspace where colleagues are less likely to cross boundaries and create conflict. 

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