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A bully’s ugly success

Bullying & HarassmentSeptember 8, 2014

A bully’s ugly success (Last Updated On: September 8, 2014)

The career of the kind colleague is slower if bullies are present. A recent study (Political Skill and the Job Performance of Bullies) shows that victims of bullies will progress slower than bullies in their workplace. The study examines the correlation between bullying and job performance. The results suggest that bullies are more likely to receive strong reviews, pay raises, and even promotions.

Workplace bullies often appear as the white elephants in the room, talking about bullying can be a tough discussion, this only feeds the success of a bully. Many bullies can get away with it and although they knowingly are aware of the extent of their behaviour, are not disciplined for it. If this is the case, a bully can become defensive and suggest that they have always behaved this way, why now are they being disciplined?

Other reasons for a bully’s success is their skill at masking their behaviour and fooling their superiors. Most bullies are allowed to keep abusing their colleagues because their bosses aren’t aware of their behaviour. Employers who aren’t focused enough on bullying are the ones most likely to have problems with them. Did you know that more than half of U.S. workplaces do not have an official bullying policy?

‘Bullies are analysers and manipulators of social dynamics and reputations’, they use strategic and malevolent skills to abuse their victims without anyone noticing and still be perceived positively by their employers. They leverage on the fear of their colleagues and achieve personal goals and improve their job performance. If employers do not take action and implement strong bullying policies and procedures to make it safe and easy for colleagues to report bullying you may find you’re faced with a claim.

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*Information sourced via Time Magazine.

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