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A father’s guide to flexible working arrangements

A father’s guide to flexible working arrangements (Last Updated On: February 15, 2019)

More and more males in the workplace are flexing the idea of flexible working arrangements. The mentality of success is often associated with positions held and hours spent at work. This is changing and so too are workplaces, who are accommodating the needs of employees.

Elizabeth Broderick, who has been the federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner for 8 years is a key figure in supporting the change of gender equality in Australian workplaces. She and her partner have shared the job of being parents and struggle, like many, to find the balance between work and life. This humorous recall from Ms. Broderick is an example of this:

Ms. Broderick was working recently with NATO in Brussels when she was interrupted by the ding of a new text message…
“I look at it and it’s my son, ‘Mum what’s for dinner?,’ he says … ‘Hello, I’m in Brussels, ask Dad, he’s standing beside you,'” said Ms Broderick.
“And I thought I’m such a failure.”

If Ms. Broderick has these challengers in a position like hers it is clear that it is no easy feat to implement change and offer flexible working arrangements.

The benefits, however, of offering flexible working arrangements can out way the negatives:

  • Increased work life balance and a reduction in the stressors associated with missing family milestones and events
  • A decrease in short notice absence if a parent is required as a carer
  • A happier and more inspired employee
  • The decrease of recent pressures on child care facilities and less personal financial burdens

How do employers implement flexible working arrangements into their workplace?

  • An employer can offer flexible working arrangements if it is within reasonable business grounds
  • The employer and the employee will need to discuss the terms of the flexible working arrangement and set parameters or guidelines
  • Ensure that the arrangement is documented in writing and the terms are agreed upon
  • If the business’s productivity is impacted negatively as a result of the arrangement, ensure you are able to revisit and negotiate the terms of the flexible working arrangement

This Sunday is Father’s Day and there is no better time to offer flexible working arrangements to your employees. If you are an employer and would like assistance in the changing nature of parenthood and working arrangements, call Employsure today on 1300 651 415. Employsure can provide employers the support to implement flexible working arrangements into your workplace. We can implement the policies and procedures and inform you of how to successfully integrate it into your workplace.

Happy Father’s Day to all!

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