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Adapt to the New Casuals Legislation with Help from BrightHR

Published March 23, 2021 (last updated March 29, 2021) -
casual employees subject to the ir reform changes

Businesses have received much-needed clarity with regards to casuals as a result of the recently passed amendment to the Fair Work Act. While Employsure argues that the stripped-back IR reform bill didn’t go far enough in supporting employers, it has introduced a concrete definition of casual employment and potentially prevented any future ‘double-dipping’ claims.

Employers (in the national workplace relations system) must immediately ensure they’re meeting the new obligations provided by this piece of legislation. Employsure and BrightHR are here to help you understand and implement these changes.

What’s Changed?

Generally, as of 27 March the Fair Work Act now:

  • defines casual employment
  • extends casual conversion request rights to all casual employees
  • obliges large employers to offer casual employees permanent employment after 12 months, as long as certain conditions apply to both employer and employee
  • introduces extra provisions to ‘Large Employers’ (those with 15 or more employees)
  • and much more.

Please get in touch with Employsure to better understand the full breadth of these changes.

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How BrightHR Can Help You

Document Storage

BrightHR’s cloud storage can help you more easily file and maintain your casual employee contracts and records. The document storage is safe and secure, and be accessed by you at anytime, anywhere. This storage can help you keep the new Fair Work Casual Employment Information Statement you have to share with your future casual employees.

BrightHR can also stay on top of your obligations sending you an email reminder about your casual employee’s impending 12 month work anniversary.

Shift and Rostering Tool

Get rid of paperwork and spreadsheets forever with BrightHR’s intuitive casual rostering tool that allows you to manage, implement and overview your casual employees’ rostering at a glance.

BrightHR’s brand new roster plus feature provides a simple drag and drop interface to help you plan and manage your shifts for your casual employees.

Once you assign a shift to an employee, they can accept or reject pending shifts straight away. You can also send your employees notifications or add notes to their shifts. An employee can access all this information on the free iOS or Android mobile app.

Using their PC, tablet or phone, an employer can have a clear overview of who has what shift, a report that provides a summary of the daily hours and total hours an employee has worked to support with payroll. Employees can also receive live reporting to help you keep track of the hours assigned to each employee and their unpaid break allocation.

Clock In and Clock Out with Blip! By BrightHR

Blip can help you ensure that your employees are clocking in and out on time, giving you an overview and their hours and location.

Every time a casual employee starts a new shift, they can let you know at a tap of a button. When they end their shift, they can let you know by doing the same thing. This can help you ensure you keep track of their time. Blip! also sends out regular reminders to employees so they never forget to clock in, clock out, or take a break.

Blip! helps you to keep an eye on everything, giving you real-time updates on your casual employees’ worktime and downtime, ensuring that they’re both working enough and relaxing enough. You can also extend Blip! across your entire workforce.

If you are a Large Employer with more than 15 employees, and they’re working across multiple locations Blip! can also help you easily track where your staff have worked, and for how long, during the day.

Blip! is synced with BrightHR, which helps you to keep track of everything in one place, including who’s clocked in and who’s on a break.

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