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2019 Update To QLD WHS Concerning Amusement Devices

Published June 18, 2019 (last updated June 26, 2020) -
Amusement Devices Regulations Changes

There have been changes to WHS Legislation in Queensland, that affect organisations in the amusement industry.

The new amendments place greater responsibility for the training of operators and the provision of log books, on organisations who operate amusement devices and the operators who control them.

Clients who control amusement devices must now ensure that:

  • all operators are deemed competent before they are able to operate an amusement device;
  • the training of operators is more comprehensive and includes all aspects of operating the device and responding to emergencies, and giving safety instructions to passengers;
  • operators are clearly identifiable as the operator of the device, and;
  • log books include details about competent operators for the device, previous inspections, enforcement notices issued as well as details of maintenance and major inspections.

These changes are already in effect so if you are based in Queensland, you must ensure:

  • develop a training package for operators that meets all the mandated requirements
  • a means of clearly identifying operators of amusement devices
  • update the log books devices to meet the requirements (and maintain those records)

It is also recommended that you double check what is and isn’t considered an amusement device.

Things like waterslides and wave generators are not considered amusement devices for the purpose of this regulation.

If you are not based in Queensland, but sometimes do itinerant or seasonal work in that state, it is advised that you comply with these changes.

If you need help understanding or implementing these changes, please contact our Advice Line on 1300 651 415.

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