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Anxious Centrelink worker loses 17kg

Anxious Centrelink worker loses 17kg (Last Updated On: July 18, 2014)

A Centrelink employee returning from maternity leave has claimed she was bullied and humiliated by colleagues upon her return to work. Amanda Kosteski is claiming compensation for loss of appetite due to anxiety and depression brought on by her manager. This ultimately led her to loose 17kg in just three months. No this is not a new fad diet, these are serious allegations and have caused significant stress.

The case is sensitive because nobody appeared to have taken responsibility at the appropriate time for assisting an employee who was showing clear signs of distress. 17kg is a significant amount of body weight to have lost in that short time and it is important for employers to be mindful of the health and welfare of their staff. If you believe your employees are struggling or fighting problems at work and you need assistance, call Employsure or fill out the form below. We can help you work out a plan to better protect your employment relations and provide a more supportive work environment.

*Information sourced via HC Online website

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