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Bullying settled as a one off

Bullying settled as a one off (Last Updated On: May 31, 2015)

Two managers working at a radiology company were found to have bullied an employee. Capital Radiology employed a new recruit who had never previously worked in the profession. The new radiographer received “severe criticism” from the managers who acted on complaints received by another manager of the GP clinic.

This example of bullying in the medical profession, is topical at the moment, many established health professionals have been revealed as bullies. Tarnished reputations and the unacceptable behaviours of many in the medical industry is in the spotlight. How do employers control poor behaviour, bullying and harassment within their workplaces?

The answer is, to clearly explain and train staff in what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Also all employers need to have the correct employment procedures in place. What the two managers should have done is to arrange a meeting to discuss problems with the new employee. New employees should be placed on a probationary period and provided the opportunity to discuss their progress or any issues that both the employee or the employer wishes to address.

The Fair Work Commission found that the two managers acted in a threatening way towards the employee. By “initiating disciplinary proceedings” in an “unannounced fashion” the managers berated the employee. What the managers should have done, was invite the employee to a meeting via email or telephone and outline the purpose of the meeting. In this meeting the problems should have been addressed, perhaps the employees’ probation period could have been extended and most importantly the employer could clearly explain the expectations of that employee.

The Fair Work Commissioner found that despite the “highly adversarial and volatile situation”, there were no suggestions that the bullying would reoccur.

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