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Bunnings warehouse warns staff of the ice epidemic

Bunnings warehouse warns staff of the ice epidemic

Last month Australia’s largest hardware chain, Bunnings Warehouse, issued a memo to all managerial staff which detailed the risks of the growing ice epidemic in rural Australia and the major cities.

More than 10,000 people are employed by Bunnings in over 300 stores across the nation. For Bunning’s to raise this issue with all of them, really brings the issue of drugs to the forefront of employer’s minds.

The methamphetamine epidemic is a real problem and safeguards should be introduced into workplaces to ensure that employees and patrons are protected and safe in the workplace. A spokeswoman from Bunning’s said that they implement comprehensive guidelines to ensure they provide a safe environment at all times for their team and customers.

Ice addicts are hard to manage, they are aggressive and irrational. High levels of agitation, aggression and paranoia make it very difficult to tame, especially in a work environment. Employers are urged to train staff who could potentially be exposed to intoxicated customers. Being aware of warning signs and symptoms for example could mean a staff member is able to respond quickly and approach the situation with control and knowhow.

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Sourced: The Australian Newspaper

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