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Buy Local: The Way to Support Australian Businesses

Published June 09, 2022 (last updated February 9, 2023) - Face2Face Field Service Manager

Research has shown that by spending just $10 a week on Australian-made products, there is a possibility of an additional $5 billion being added to the country’s GDP. This indicates that if you buy local, you support small Australian businesses. Theses businesses and employers form the core of the Australian economy. 98% of Australian businesses employ less than 20 people.

Employsure has worked with over 30,000 Australian businesses to manage performance, implement policies, and build processes. Working closely with these businesses offers us a unique insight into the needs of Australian employers.

Hence, we understand the importance of Australian Made Week (6th-12th June) a national campaign and initiative to promote small businesses and employers.

Small businesses have struggled over the past two years. They had to deal with the pandemic, lack of consumers, health restrictions, global supply chain issues, and labour shortages. During this week, businesses will get an opportunity to discover new clients and audiences. The additional economic boost can help these businesses make local products, stay in business, and grow. If consumers buy local, they are buying directly from the source. Businesses can assure them of the quality and authenticity.

Buying Australian made and local is not only beneficial for consumers but businesses as well as it will guarantee self-sufficiency, reduce reliance on global supply chains and encourage sustainability and cost efficiency. Small businesses can also use the support to upskill and train staff to meet the demand for labour.

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