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Can men be the victims of sexual harassment?

Can men be the victims of sexual harassment? (Last Updated On: July 4, 2017)

A recent study conducted by the Queensland University of Technology Business School (QUT), has found that one in 10 complaints regarding sexual harassment in the workplace are men reporting other men.

Paula McDonald of the QUT found that out of the 282 recent sexual harassment claims lodge with Australia equal opportunity commissions, 11 percent were men reporting other men. Most complaints (78.4 per cent) were from women regarding their male colleagues, 5 per cent were women accused of sexually harassing men and 5.7 per cent were women harassing other women.

Professor McDonald states that whilst men are overwhelmingly responsible for sexual harassment against women in the workplace, they are also the target of sexual harassment far more often than assumed. The most common complaint of male – to – male sexual harassment involve homosexual slurs. One example included a man threatening to rape a co-worker after calling him a “princess” and telling him to “get a tiara”.

On the other side of the spectrum, a man reported that his female manager frequently shouted and humiliated him in front of co-workers, and asked him to lift his shirt and show her his abs. The study hypothesises that female managers sometimes feel the need to behave in a masculine way towards their male staff, as a way to maintain authority.

McDonald stresses the importance of  ”shining a light on these less typical manifestations, including sexual harassment by men of other men and by women of men or other women, which are often less visible and may be less understood.”

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Sourced via the Brisbane Times.

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