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Ask a specialist… Public holidays and annual leave.

Question: "What happens when a public holiday falls when an employee is on paid annual leave? Is it just a case of ‘too bad’ for the...

Ask a specialist…Employees' safety when working in the heat.

As the weather heats up, Employsure is urging employers to have plans in place to prevent workers suffering from heat stress, heat illness...

Ask a specialist...What does the recent decision about Sunday penalty rates mean for my business right now?

Firstly, whether the changes will impact your business depends on whether your business has employees covered by any of the Modern Awards...

Ask a specialist… What are my obligations in relation to drug and alcohol misuse?

Drugs and alcohol in the workplace give rise to a number of concerns, but none more prominent than health and safety issues. Employers have...

Ask our specialist- Can I terminate an employee who is consistently late to work?

Depending on your specific attendance policy, a consistently late employee can be very damaging to your business. But before employers rush...

Ask our specialist - Traineeships and Apprenticeships tips and traps.

Traineeships and apprenticeships are formal arrangements between an employer, an employee and a registered training organisation (RTO),...

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