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Ask our specialist- Can I terminate an employee who is consistently late to work?

Depending on your specific attendance policy, a consistently late employee can be very damaging to your business. But before employers rush...

5 Common Pitfalls For Small Business And How To Avoid Them

 This webinar covers the 5 common pitfalls for small business and how to avoid them. Topics covered: Employee entitlements...

Ask Our Specialist – Sham Contracting and How to Avoid it

Employee or Independent Contractor? News that the Fair Work Ombudsman is cracking down on 'sham contracting' has shone a spotlight on the...

Managing employees who hate each other.

Employing staff isn’t always about allocating tasks and setting deadlines. Sometimes it’s about managing personalities. As many small...

Ask Our Specialist: Understanding and avoiding underpayments.

Underpayment is a big issue right now, with more pressure than ever being placed on businesses to correctly pay their staff. Sometimes...

Do workplaces have a say in employee smoking?

For those of you who are unaware, today is World No Tobacco Day. In light of this international occasion, we arranged for a Q&A session...

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