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Flexible working arrangements – The future of the workforce

Participation in the workforce of people aged 55 and over has risen dramatically over the last 12 years. In the past, men and women over...

Mandatory holidays for Japan

Japan is known for its contemporary hybrid culture. Japanese people are often honoured for their hardworking nature and dedication to work....

If looks could thrill in the workplace

The way we look and the way in which we present ourselves at work is important. Why? Because physical appearance is a strong aspect of how...

Setting expectations of your employees

If 2015 saw some of your staff underperform, fall short of communicated targets or generally fail to meet your behavioural expectations,...

Ensure your staff are an asset, not a liability

Are employees assets or liabilities? We have many discussions with clients, partners and potential clients about the value of staff -...

Religion in the workplace – what do you believe?

How should employers address religion in the workplace? According to many academic journals, workplace spirituality can increase...

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