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Mandatory holidays for Japan

Japan is known for its contemporary hybrid culture. Japanese people are often honoured for their hardworking nature and dedication to work....

Are meetings driving you mental?

A company’s performance, productivity and profitability, can it all be attributed to dynamic meetings? According to the Robert Half...

Bunnings warehouse warns staff of the ice epidemic

Last month Australia’s largest hardware chain, Bunnings Warehouse, issued a memo to all managerial staff which detailed the risks of the...

Tips on managing a workplace dispute

While problems come up every day at work between employees, managers and customers, most do sort themselves out. The most common disputes...

Does Donald Trump stand politically correct?

Donald Trump has defended himself after he seemed to make a sexist remark in a recent political electoral debate. He claims that his...


Companionship, mateship and support are all part of basic human needs. Everybody has a spark within them but sometimes this spark runs...

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