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Employers can be pretty ugly when recruiting

Lucy Kellaway is a columnist for the Financial Times in the UK. This week she has written an amusing piece on the facists of the world. In...

Onus on employers when giving out bonuses

Employers at this time of year may be contemplating whether or not to reward staff with a bonus. What happens if some of your staff are...

If looks could thrill in the workplace

The way we look and the way in which we present ourselves at work is important. Why? Because physical appearance is a strong aspect of how...

When a criminal record is part of an employee's past

How to Approach Employees with a Criminal Record? It presents a tricky situation for employers when faced with an employee or potential...

Religion in the workplace – what do you believe?

According to many academic journals, workplace spirituality can increase performance and develop ethical organisations. On the other hand,...

Employee complaints of favouritism in the workplace

There is no doubt that favouritism in the workplace stems from bad management because it opens the door for employee complaints about...

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