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Employee Management

Ask Ed: Can I fire an employee who turns up to work drunk?

Question: How do I go about assessing if an employee is under the influence of alcohol? I have a senior employee who has demonstrated a...

Managing toxic behaviour in the workplace

Toxic employees could be amongst Australia’s biggest workplace issue, based on new data from Employsure – Australia’s largest...

Is it really ‘three strikes and you are out’?

Many employers would have heard the complaint "But you have not given me three warnings" from angry employees in disciplinary meetings, but...

Employer obligations when work cannot be carried out

As a business owner or employer, there may come a time when you need to stand down employees without pay, for reasons outside your...

Employee complaints of favouritism in the workplace

There is no doubt that favouritism in the workplace stems from bad management because it opens the door for employee complaints about...

Can I terminate an employee who is consistently late to work?

How do you deal with someone who is always late? Depending on your specific attendance policy, a consistently late employee can be very...

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