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Employment Law Changes

Work choices wasn’t all bad

The primary aim of the controversial amendments to the Workplace Relations Act 1996, known as Work Choices, was to individualise employment...

Coalition to axe pay rise for 30,000 childcare workers

The Labor approved initiative that aimed to boost the wages of 30,000 childcare workers is on the chopping block. The $300 million Early Ye...

Upcoming industrial relations change

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said that the government’s plan for industrial relations reforms is to stick with the changes to workplace ...

Don’t slip up with new roster laws

Since the beginning of this year, there has been multiple changes to workplace laws that employers need to be wary of, one concerning roste...

Pay rise for retail staff aged 20 years

Employers in the retail industry will face a change to their payroll responsibilities as of 1st July this year, with an increase to the awar...

FWC president, Iain Ross, appoints himself to expert panel

The brewing conflict between the Fair Work Commission (FWC) and the Financial Services Council (FSC) over the way industry employment awards...

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