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Flexible Working arrangements

Flexible working arrangements – The future of the workforce

Participation in the workforce of people aged 55 and over has risen dramatically over the last 12 years. In the past, men and women over...

Go Home on Time Day

Today is “Go Home on Time Day” aimed at all Australians in the workforce. The day was created in 2009 by The Australian Institute (TAI)...

Employers health and safety obligations relating to employees injured outside of work

Have one of your employees been injured outside of work? Do you, as the employer, have an obligation to provide assistance to your...

A father’s guide to flexible working arrangements

More and more males in the workplace are flexing the idea of flexible working arrangements. The mentality of success is often associated...

Employer obligations when work cannot be carried out

As a business owner or employer, there may come a time when you need to stand down employees without pay, for reasons outside your...

Flexible working arrangements - what you need to know

Flexible working seems to be the hot topic when it comes to a good workplace and/or preferred employee benefits. As an employer, there are...

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