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Leave entitlements

Presenteeism – At work but not present

Ever woken up and felt like you were coming down with sickness but couldn’t justify staying home? Many workers in today’s vigorous...

Taking leave to look after ageing parents

Australians are growing older and this will affect small business employers and employees. Baby boomers are starting to leave the workforce...

Employers have new annual leave rights

A new decision has been passed by the Fair Work Commission. Business owners will now be allowed to direct employees to take annual leave...

Leave entitlements – 11 things to know

Employee leave refers to the period of time an employee is absent from work. Employees can take leave for a variety of reasons, Employsure...

Understanding public holiday entitlements

Everyone looks forward to a public holiday, but what if you need employees to work and what do you have to pay them if they do work? Here...

Employer obligations when work cannot be carried out

As a business owner or employer, there may come a time when you need to stand down employees without pay, for reasons outside your...

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