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Leave entitlements

Employee leave entitlements - who gets what and when can they take it?

What are the Different Types of Leave for Employees? Navigating the leave entitlement landscape can be challenging for employers. Our...

How to reduce sick leave in your business.

Sick leave, whether taken for legitimate or non-legitimate reasons can cause major headaches for employers. Sick leave days can have a...

Should employees be allowed paid time off to attend weddings, funerals, ceremonies, or the birth of a child?

Life events are a fact of life and can be a joyous occasion or a difficult time. Should employees be allowed paid time off to attend...

How to deal with employees that call in sick when their leave request is not approved.

Chances are you have experienced this before. An employee tries to book time off work, yet due to your business demands they are unable to...

Serial sickies. How to manage employees that enjoy a three-day weekend.

Ill health among employees is never pleasant, however there are options available to employers if they feel an employee may be chucking too...

Ask our specialist – Pet care Leave

Can an employee take unpaid leave, or can their personal carer’s leave be applied? Pets can be a wonderful addition to the family and,...

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