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Modern Awards

Changes to modern awards – effective 31 December 2014

From 31 December 2014 transitional provisions in modern awards will no longer apply, and some apprentice rates will increase. What are...

Updates to look out for - Annual leave and time off in lieu

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has been looking at a number of important matters as part of its review of the modern awards. Proposed...

Pastoral Award update

A number of amendments have been made to the Pastoral Award, which will come into effect from the first full pay period starting on or...

Employer obligations when work cannot be carried out

As a business owner or employer, there may come a time when you need to stand down employees without pay, for reasons outside your...

Casual employees - make sure you do it right.

More and more businesses are relying on casual employees, mainly due to the flexibility it affords. However, when engaging casual...

Terminology explained: Modern Awards Vs Enterprise Agreements

Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements (EA) are terms all employers would hear quite frequently. They are, however, also commonly...

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