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New Employees

Myths about probationary periods

It is important employers understand their federal obligations with new employees and the probationary period. Generally, when a new...

Health questionnaires: when and why should you use them?

Requesting health information from job applicants and existing employees can be a high risk business activity due to privacy issues and the...

Managing toxic behaviour in the workplace

Toxic employees could be amongst Australia’s biggest workplace issue, based on new data from Employsure – Australia’s largest...

How to have a difficult conversation

Ever heard of a compliment sandwich? The term is used when people provide constructive criticism, when one offers niceties before and after...

Updates to look out for - Annual leave and time off in lieu

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has been looking at a number of important matters as part of its review of the modern awards. Proposed...

The temporary employee, is it really a win win situation?

It is the first day of summer and with that an influx in business for a number of industries around the country. This means there is a need...

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