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Parental Leave

Replacement employees during parental leave

Many employers are unaware of how they should employ (and their obligations to) employees who are replacing an employee who is on unpaid...

The Abbott government set to abolish double dipping

Jo Hockey chose Mother’s Day to make a surprise announcement to the nation. Hockey revealed a new childcare package that would change...

What to expect when your employees are expecting: parental leave.

Over recent years, there have been a number of regulatory changes that have shaped parental leave in Australia. These include the...

Employsure explains the third most common employer complaint.

Employsure often hears from employers who have similar complaints or concerns regarding workplace relations. In order to assist employers...

Proposed changes to paid parental leave

The Coalition Government has been warned it will face backlash if it pushes ahead with a proposed cut back on paid parental leave "double...

Ask a specialist…My employee’s partner is pregnant. Can my employee take parental leave to help care for the baby?

This is a common scenario as working parents may both wish to take unpaid parental leave to care for their baby. The short answer is yes,...

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