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Penalty Rates

Ed Mallett's advice for the long weekend

The June long weekend approaches and employers, especially in the hospitality industry, need to start thinking about penalty rates. Do you...

Confusion or neglect - $1.2million underpaid

The Fair Work Ombudsman has discovered that 2700 hospitality workers have been underpaid $1.2 million, with 20% relating to weekend penalty...

More clarity. Less risk - Australian College of Training - Success Story

“Employsure has taken away all sense of confusion. When we feel like we are in a bad position, they tell us what to do next - so easy.”...

The top five concerns facing employers

Over a recent two-week period, Employsure advisers answered over 10,000 calls and emails from concerned employers seeking advice on how to...

Making heads and tails of the upcoming federal election

The federal election is looming, and there is so much uncertainly on what each parties campaign will comprise of. This is no real...

What SMEs can expect this election year

Employment legislation is an ever changing and a crucial political football. With elections looming this year, employment will once again...

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