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Top tips to cut your work in half

We’re all so frantically busy – so what can we learn from super-productive people about how to reduce our working hours? Read full...

Authorised deductions from employee wages

As a general rule, employers should be cautious in deducting monies from employee’s wages as there are only specific circumstances where...

The perils of sham contracting

The Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act) protects genuine employees from being subject to sham contracting arrangements and in recent years there...

Employers’ compliance with workplace laws on the rise

A recent campaign conducted by the Fair Work Ombudsman has found employers are becoming more compliant with workplace laws relating to...

FWO to audit retailers in WA, SA and NT

The retail industry employs a large number of workers and generates a significant number of employee complaints. As part of a new...

Employsure partakes in small business webinar

Employsure was invited to attend a webinar on the subject “People – your best asset or worst nightmare – how to get this right”...

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