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Replacement employees during parental leave

Many employers are unaware of how they should employ (and their obligations to) employees who are replacing an employee who is on unpaid...

Organisation development in practice

Organisation development (OD) can broadly be defined as a planned organisational development to enable sustained performance and positive...

Rule breaker wins unfair dismissal case

A sacked employee who failed to follow company policy and demonstrated poor performance has won his unfair dismissal case. The employee...

The role of a support person

Employees are entitled to have a support person present during a meeting related to performance management, investigations and disciplinary...

Stressed at work? Have a laugh!

The biggest trigger to impact workplaces in Australia is stress. Stress causes tension between staff and is a major health concern for...

Work drinks are part of the workplace

Friday after work drinks is a social activity partaken by many industries and is a way for colleagues to meet and greet in a space away...

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