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Are you an unintentional workplace bully?

Did you know that sarcasm, bad faith, isolating, the cold shoulder, belittling, setting unreasonable tasks or deadlines and innuendo can...

Reducing salaries. Can you do it?

Some employers may look at reducing employees’ salaries or bonuses in tough financial times as an alternative to terminating staff....

The risks of social media

We receive a lot of calls from clients about issues surrounding the use of social media by their employees. It seems like a minefield of...

Ask Ed: Can I only give a bonus to some of my employees?

Question I cannot afford to give everyone a bonus. Can I only give a bonus to some of my employees? Answer Employers are not...

Onus on employers when giving out bonuses

Employers at this time of year may be contemplating whether or not to reward staff with a bonus. What happens if some of your staff are...

Employsure’s guide to managing misconduct and poor performance

Sometimes employees behave in ways which are unsuitable for a working environment. It is important to pull employees up on any wrong doings...

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