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Cut costs or keep staff: Is there an alternative?

Most small businesses are hyper sensitive to the swings of the economy. When the revenue line falls, most businesses naturally turn to the...

When a criminal record is part of an employee's past

How to Approach Employees with a Criminal Record? It presents a tricky situation for employers when faced with an employee or potential...

Employsure's guide to fair working hours

Employers pay their employees based on hours worked. These hours must be fair with any overtime or shift loadings paid to the applicable...

A very personal dismissal

An employee who revealed personal information regarding his boss and the business to a competitor has been found to have been fairly...

How to manage workplace relationships

Workplace relationships greatly impact how we feel about our work, considering we spend 80% of our time at the office. Office relationships...

How to address repeated mistakes in your workplace

Employees can be frustrating if they repeatedly make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes can allow an employee to learn and grow within their...

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