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Policies, Procedures & Safeguards

Email usage policy - what to include.

One of the most contentious areas of managing a workplace is what your employees do with technology, particularly their emails. Depending...

How to deal with pay complaints: when employees discuss pay.

If you pay employees the correct amount in line with the Fair Work Act, you generally will not face an underpayment claim. However, when...

Terminology explained: what is abandonment of employment?

In simple terms, abandonment of employment is the term used when an employee is absent from work for consecutive days, without...

Personal calls and texts at work.

Very few employers like the idea of their employees making or taking personal calls and texts during business hours – it is rarely work...

Micromanagement complaints in the workplace.

There are two truths about the workplace: everybody has had a boss at one point in their career and nobody likes to be...

Employers’ obligations to Defence Reservists

An employee who has a Defence background brings many valuable assets to a workplace. They are generally very adept at following...

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