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Stress is the new workplace epidemic

Five years of rolling redundancy and enterprise-change programs has taken a toll on many employees and increasing numbers are believed to...

A wealth of implications in the ‘implied term’

Last month, the High Court of Australia handed down what was perhaps the most critical decision in employment law for the last five years....

Prosthetic company has no leg to stand on

A man employed by a prosthetics company was made redundant after 26 years of service. Four days later the man began part time work for...

Not so merry Christmas for workers in regional ACT

A dozen staff who were formally employed by Serco Sodexo Defence Services have been made redundant in recent months and are yet to receive...

The A B Cs of redundancy

After 35 years ABC stores around the country will close their doors. A significant decline in the sales of CDs and DVDs has resulted in the...

How to have a difficult conversation

Ever heard of a compliment sandwich? The term is used when people provide constructive criticism, when one offers niceties before and after...

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