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A wealth of implications in the ‘implied term’

Last month, the High Court of Australia handed down what was perhaps the most critical decision in employment law for the last five years....

Cut costs or keep staff: Is there an alternative?

Most small businesses are hyper sensitive to the swings of the economy. When the revenue line falls, most businesses naturally turn to the...

Edward Mallet's top tips for redundancies

Unfortunately, there may come a time when a role in your business becomes redundant. When this happens you need to follow a fair procedure...

An electric shock for Aussie retailer

Dick Smith will cease trading and close their doors in 8 weeks. The Australian brand has been in operation for forty-eight years, its last...

Employsure's guide to redundancy

Businesses can often face requirements to make a position or employee redundant. These scenarios are all too common in and this guide can...

Employsure explains the fourth most common employer complaint.

Every day Employsure assists business owners who are struggling to understand their obligations under complicated workplace...

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