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Seasonal Workers

457 Visa Holders – Workplace rights

Employers must comply with both Australian workplace laws and immigration laws. Like all Australian employees, 457 Visa holders are...

FWO to audit fruit orchards

In the coming weeks, the Fair Work Ombudsman intends to audit employers running apple and pear orchards across NSW, Victoria and Western...

Audits on the horticultural industry

The Fair Work Ombudsman will visit farmers in Darwin’s rural area this month to ensure employers are paying seasonal workers correct...

Fair Work Ombudsman taking their pick in the Yarra Valley

The weeks are getting warmer and the season of picking fruit is here. The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) will be on the lookout for employers...

The Fair Work Ombudsman is squeezing the lime

The Fair Work Ombudsman will be checking in on more than 120 businesses this week in South Australia on the Limestone Coast. Inspectors...

Fruit picking operator accused of sexual harassment, bullying and exploiting seasonal workers – Mildura

The Federal Government is investigating the operator of a fruit picking company in Mildura. The extremity of this particular investigation...

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