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11 steps to a smooth termination process

High staff turnover is common at this time of year with both business owners and employees eager to close old chapters and start...

Bunnings warehouse warns staff of the ice epidemic

Last month Australia’s largest hardware chain, Bunnings Warehouse, issued a memo to all managerial staff which detailed the risks of the...

The Footy Show - Friend or Beau?

Tonight Beau Ryan will return to the Footy Show after it was speculated publically that he had an affair with former Hi-5 star Lauren...

Is it really ‘three strikes and you are out’?

Many employers would have heard the complaint "But you have not given me three warnings" from angry employees in disciplinary meetings, but...

When a criminal record is part of an employee's past

It presents a tricky situation for employers when faced with an employee or potential employee who has a criminal record, or a current...

True or false when firing employees

As an employer, sometimes you can be faced with the tough decision to let a staff member go. Terminating an employee can be tricky, but...

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