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Employsure wins Growth Company of the Year 2015

Media release 30 October 2015 Providing fundamental support to employers when it comes to managing employees and work health and...

The top five concerns facing employers

Over a recent two-week period, Employsure advisers answered over 10,000 calls and emails from concerned employers seeking advice on how to...

Making heads and tails of the upcoming federal election

The federal election is looming, and there is so much uncertainly on what each parties campaign will comprise of. This is no real...

Success Story - Baxter IP: Filling the gap

Hervé Fiévet, Head of Finance at Baxter IP, came to Employsure after an issue with an ex-employee which required the engagement...

The penalty rate saga – decision imminent

Over 6,000 submissions from industry bodies and businesses have been received in response to the Productivity Commission review of penalty...

Personal leave and carer's leave - are they different?

What is Personal Leave? Personal leave or compassionate leave is entitled to employees (casual or otherwise) for each occasion when a...

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