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Victorian bakeries are toast!

Retail bakeries in Victoria are feeling the heat after 200 employees in the industry were collectively underpaid $150,000 by their...

Are Australian companies exploiting interns?

  An article posted this week in the Illawarra Times shames the Australian work culture, suggesting that we have a labour force...

Gold Coast restaurant to fork out fines

The owner of a restaurant on the sunny Gold Coast is $15,300 out of pocket this week after paying fines, which were issued due to the...

Childcare union is fighting for 70% wage increase

The United Voice Union is concerned that some particular industry jobs, which are predominantly filled by females, are not receiving the...

Farmers to plow out the exploitation of overseas workers

ABC’s Four Corners episode ‘Slaving Away’ has sparked an outraged discussion on the treatment of overseas workers in Australia. Many...

Confusion or neglect - $1.2million underpaid

The Fair Work Ombudsman has discovered that 2700 hospitality workers have been underpaid $1.2 million, with 20% relating to weekend penalty...

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