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Unfair Dismissal

Rule breaker wins unfair dismissal case

A sacked employee who failed to follow company policy and demonstrated poor performance has won his unfair dismissal case. The employee...

Swearing and swearing to stop

Is there a difference between swearing in the workplace and swearing at a colleague? Employers and employees who swear and use foul...

Caring for immediate family is not reason for imminent dismissal!

A father of 5 children has been unfairly dismissed when fathering his children whilst his wife recovered from an emergency caesarean...

Can you fire someone for being obese?

The obesity epidemic is growing worse with every year, with 63% of the nation being overweight. In a recent employment relations case, it...

Cut costs or keep staff: Is there an alternative?

Most small businesses are hyper sensitive to the swings of the economy. When the revenue line falls, most businesses naturally turn to the...

A very personal dismissal

An employee who revealed personal information regarding his boss and the business to a competitor has been found to have been fairly...

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