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Unfair Dismissal

Public servant sacked for tweeting comments of a critical nature

A public servant who was sacked over tweets criticising the government’s immigration policy will take her case to Fair Work Australia. Mi...

FWC ordered Wyndham council to reinstate an employee

The Fair Work Commission has ordered Wyndham council to reinstate a worker who was sacked following a private investigators allegations. ...

Unfair claims set precedent

A bus driver in Auckland has been ordered to pay his former employer $3000 after failing to prove his employment was unreasonably terminated...

Defence officer dismissed over email porn is awarded compensation

A former Australian Defence Official that was sacked following a pornographic email scandal has been awarded 3 months’ worth of wages, fol...

Employee reinstated after inconsistent treatment

The Fair Work Commission has ordered a Bluescope Steel employee to be reinstated after finding that the investigation into his misconduct wa...

Facebook post a valid reason for dismissal

Dismissal cases involving social media are on the rise. Recently, an employee from a debt collection company was dismissed after a Facebook...

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