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Celebrating an Inclusive Workplace and Culture

Published March 04, 2022 (last updated February 9, 2023) - Face2Face Field Service Manager

To celebrate Mardi Gras this week in Sydney, we talk to our own employees and ask them, what in their own words, make an ‘inclusive’ workplace, and why this is crucial to success in Australian Business!

Jeffrey Blatchford – Senior Credit Control Officer

“Employsure prides itself on inclusiveness throughout all aspects of the working relationship. At Employsure, we are welcomed like a family and there is no marginalisation or segregation. Difference is appreciated and diversity is welcomed as it enables us to individually and collectively develop. Throughout my tenure, we have celebrated LGBTQ history and events as a means of fostering understanding and appreciation to all.

The inclusive workplace culture essentially takes a weight off my shoulders and enables me to focus my efforts towards my role and serving our clients better. I do not feel like I have more to prove than others, nor do I have to worry about judgment and prejudice.

 I have always been treated fairly based upon merit.

Inclusive workplaces

Inclusiveness and pride is important. It matters because of those that have come before us and those that will follow. Far too many, people have lost their jobs, family and have been ostracised for something that is outside of their control. It is unacceptable in this day and age for such prejudice to exist. As a community, we need to become inclusive as it is simply the right thing to do. Employsure, goes above and beyond, and is making a significant difference.

Inclusivity is built into the DNA of Employsure. Whilst other organisations might promote measures, these are largely tokenistic, whereas Employsure puts its people first. Employsure is a model employer and while other employers could replicate inclusivity training, LGBTQ allies, celebrations etc, what really sets Employsure apart is its leaders, all of whom are supportive and inclusive on all matters, not just those relating to pride.” 

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