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Changes to the Road Transport (Long Distance Operations) Award.

Modern AwardsMarch 6, 2018

Changes to the Road Transport (Long Distance Operations) Award.

The Fair Work Commission has recently introduced part-time employment to the Road Transport (Long Distance Operations) Award, which take effect from 28 February 2018.

What has changed? 

  • You can now hire employees on a part-time basis as of 28 February 2018
  • Before this change, employees could only be employed as full-time or casual
  • Specific rules have been introduced for part-time employees

What are the new rules for part-time employees?

Employers and part-time employees need to agree, in writing, on a regular roster pattern to set out their working hours and days of the week.

The hours:

  • need to be less than 38 per week
  • can be averaged over a maximum of 28 days

Depending on how part-time employees are paid, they will need to be paid a minimum per day of:

  • 8 hours (if paid by the hour)
  • 500km (if paid by the kilometre)

You cannot force part-time employees to work on non-rostered days. However, if a part-time employee agrees to work on a day that isn’t one they usually work, they are entitled to an extra 15% pay loading for the time worked. This is applicable regardless whether they are paid by the hour or per kilometre, as well as for time spent loading and unloading.

Remember, part-time employees are also entitled to the Award’s guaranteed fortnightly payment conditions.

What do you need to do?

This change is a new option available to you. There is no obligation for you to convert existing employees to part-time, but the option is available should you wish to engage part-time employees.

If you would like advice about implementing part-time employment options in your business, speak to an Employsure specialist on 1300 651 415.

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