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Childcare union is fighting for 70% wage increase

UnderpaymentsFebruary 10, 2015

Childcare union is fighting for 70% wage increase (Last Updated On: February 10, 2015)

The United Voice Union is concerned that some particular industry jobs, which are predominantly filled by females, are not receiving the same amount of remuneration as men who are of the same qualifications in other industries. The union is rallying for women who run childcare centres to receive up to a 70% pay rise. The union has compared the skills of male dominated industries to the like of childcare workers and analysed the difference in wage remuneration.

The union believes that 150,000 childcare workers are not paid the same wage as aircraft maintenance engineers, electrical contractors and CSIRO scientists who share the same level of skill and workload.

Childcare workers, primary school teachers, manufacturing workers and general staff employed by universities are predominantly female. Degree and diploma qualified people hold these roles and a certain level of responsibility is required in order to perform these roles. The United Voice Union states that “early childhood education is a skilled profession, whose skills are more than a simple extension of what is thought of women’s caring work in the home”.

The United Voice Union secretary David O’Byrne said that “97 per cent of childcare workers are women and are chronically underpaid and deserve professional wages”.

The United Voice is adamant in saying that there are current problems with the childcare sector, and they request that public funding is doubled in a decade. They are asking for $14.7 billion to cover the wage increases. The union has said that “in light of growing community concerns about the increasing cost of childcare, a trade-off between affordability and wage – justice is not fair on either workers or the parents who depend on – affordable childcare.’’

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*Information sourced via The Australian Newspaper.

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