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Client sucess story

Client sucess story (Last Updated On: September 11, 2015)

Each day at Employsure our team supports over 7,000 clients, ensuring their workplaces are fair and safe. Employsure supports clients 24/7 and can alleviate the often confusing and treacherous tasks of employment relations and health and safety. This means more time spent of other facets of the business which leads to business growth and development. A perfect example of this is the testimony from one of our very happy clients, Diamond Medi Spa. This is their story…

“Doesn’t matter what it costs – it’s what it saves you.” Gavin, Diamond Medi Spa


Gavin and Ana Mead run Diamond Medi Spa in Adelaide, a day spa offering massage, beauty salon and specialised treatments with non-invasive technologies. Gavin and his staff were finding beauty industry awards and policies confusing and overwhelming. He said he did not know who to go to for advice or what to do with “tricky little things” in the business.

Gavin spent a lot of time – sometimes several weeks – doing all the employee documents himself. It was not a top business priority and yet it took a disproportionate share of his valuable time and energy. Even so, he had no idea if he was following the legislation correctly.

What we did

Employsure helped Gavin solve a vexing problem with an employee and addressed some of the risks he might face. We audited his existing documents and put some new, compliant documents and procedures in place. As Gavin says, we added “some really valuable policies and procedures”. He immediately felt better knowing he was doing everything right.

We saved Gavin a lot of time researching topics he did not really understand by giving him the right advice whenever he was uncertain or overwhelmed. Joining Employsure brought some structure into the business, not only the standard employee documentation, but valuable A-Z records on almost any issue, whether big or small.

The result


Employees at Diamond Med Spa know about the Employsure service and are confident the policies they receive are now legally correct. This has created a sense of trust, knowing their employer is doing the right thing.


Beauty industry awards and policies can be confusing for everyone. Employsure makes them simple and workable to act on, with straightforward staffing procedures that save the owners time and money.


Gavin and Ana aim to rejuvenate and relax their clients and restore their confidence. Employsure now works beside them both, restoring their confidence in how they treat their staff and run their business.


Our advice team tells Gavin “exactly how it is” and makes his decision-making easier. It saves time-wasting research that only confuses him and he has confidence the advice we give will be right.


When problems come up and Gavin needs help on how to handle them, he receives a quick answer and appropriate advice in order to respond. There is always someone at Employsure to give him advice he can action immediately.


Since everything is kept on record, Gavin doesn’t need to worry about repeating his situation each time he calls. Employsure’s Advice team is always up-to-date on his business happenings and history.

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