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Company’s travel policy does not include 14 massages

Company’s travel policy does not include 14 massages (Last Updated On: November 21, 2016)

An employee who blatantly abused his company’s travel expense policy has had his unfair dismissal claim dismissed. The Fair Work Commission (FWC) heard that the employee had claimed a food blender, an Australia Day t-shirt, two Australia Day boxer shorts, gym wear, a backpack, two bathmats, a heater and 14 massages on his company’s credit card.

The employer’s travel policy stated that ‘reasonable, necessary and correctly documented expenses’  incurred during a business trip would be reimbursed. It also required that evidence of expenses be proven by receipts and invoices, as well as a limit on the amounts that could be claimed.

The business also had a credit card policy which allowed the employee to use the company credit card for business approved travel and minor expenditure.

The FWC found that the business had conducted a fair investigation, followed the correct disciplinary actions and termination process. The employee was guilty of serious misconduct. The employee argued, saying that he suffered from language barriers, cultural differences and even tried to commence a bullying complaint, all of which were dismissed by the Commission.

The FWC made the decision after taking into consideration that while the employee may have suffered a lack of judgement and understanding, however his level of education and job responsibility was outweighed by his serious misconduct.

The employee’s claim was dismissed due to the company having travel and expense policies in place. This case shows the importance of having the correct policies and procedures in place. These policies need to clearly define expenses that can be claimed and reimbursed by the company, including repercussions for breach of the company’s policy. Employsure can assist employers with drafting and implementing these policies so call us today on 1300 351 415.

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Sourced via Sunshine Coast Daily

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