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How much is an unsafe workplace costing you?

The cost of an unsafe workplace.

Managing risks and maintaining a safe workplace should be a priority for all business owners. Already in 2018, there have been over 92 fatalities in Australian workplaces, with devastating consequences for both employers and employees.

There are specific laws about managing health and safety risks in the workplace and failing to follow these can have serious consequences.

We recommend you follow our three step workplace safety plan.

1. Identify safety risks. Conduct a safety audit of your workplace by examining your work environment thoroughly for any potential risks. Ensure you know the safety risks and precautions for the chemicals or machinery staff are using. Ensure staff have been trained, and keep incident records up to date.

2. Communicate with employees. Ask employees about any safety problems they have encountered while performing their usual tasks, like near misses or uncomfortable strains, and about health and safety risks they encounter in the workplace. Ensure workers recognise the importance of communicating safety issues with management.

3. Take action.
Once risks have been identified, rectify everything that can be fixed. Many falls and trips in the workplace can be avoided by tidying the work area. If hazards cannot be removed, minimise risks as far as possible. Protective equipment, warning signs and revised procedures are some ways to do this.

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