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Creating a Safe Workplace

Workplace Health and SafetySeptember 28, 2018

October is Safe Work Month, raising awareness about the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace. What can employers do to create a safe workplace?

Creating a Safe Workplace

October is Safe Work Month

How can employers create a safe workplace?

Each year in Australia


198 workers are killed

  • 34% vehicle incident
  • 13% falls from a height
  • 1/4 fatalities involved a truck


111,200 serious claims each year

  • 24% serious claims made by labourers
  • 16% muscular stress while lifting, carrying objects
  • 16% muscular stress while handling objects

What should you do?

1. Identify Hazards

What are the hazards that face your employees every day? Remember, they may not always be obvious.

2. Assess Risks

What is the likelihood that someone will be exposed to that hazard, and what could happen?

3. Control Risks

Once the hazards and risks are identified, how can you fix them? Make the necessary changes.

4. Review Control Measures

Creating a safe and healthy workplace never stops. Review and evaluate regularly and always try to improve.

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