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Doncaster business unlawfully docking wages

UnderpaymentsJuly 15, 2015

Doncaster business unlawfully docking wages (Last Updated On: July 15, 2015)

The Eastern suburbs of Melbourne is dotted with many restaurants and fast food eateries. In recent weeks the Fair Work Ombudsman has been randomly auditing the hospitality industry in this area and has found many businesses who are currently not compliant with The Fair Work Act.

One restaurant in particular was found to be unlawfully deducting money for their employees’ wages as part of a disciplinary action. The Doncaster business was docking staff wages if the cash register was short, if cash was accepted when torn and for breakages of company property.

Natalie James from the Fair Work Ombudsman, reiterated that “deducting money from employee wages as a punishment, or as some sort of performance management tool, is completely unlawful”.

The employer also failed to pay staff the minimum wage, instead providing a flat rate of $17 an hour. The employer disregarded penalty rates and any overtime worked by staff. This resulted in back payments of $9,000. The 12 current and former employees were contacted and their underpayments were remunerated.

The Doncaster restaurant, as a result of non-compliance, will now be monitored by the Fair Work Ombudsman to ensure that they are compliant and fully understand their employment obligations.

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Sourced: Medianet website

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