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Ed’s top tips for recruitment

Ed’s top tips for recruitment (Last Updated On: June 27, 2016)

Over the next couple of months you are likely to be preparing and planning for the year ahead, meaning many employers will be recruiting.

Below are some tips for employers who are currently on the lookout for new staff.

Ed’s 5 top tips for recruiting

  1. Do not over engage applicants

First impressions are irreplaceable and should be a true indication of the applicant’s future work ethic. If they are keen they will cooperate. Difficult candidates are those who are slow to respond,  hard to get a hold of or change the time of their interview regularly.

If hired these employees may be difficult to manage and could ultimately lead to employment relations issues.

  1. Getting your job description right it will attract the right people

Job descriptions need to be just that, descriptive. If you are limited by the number of characters on recruitment websites or with agencies, ensure you provide a more detailed job description in writing to the applicant once they have shown interest. Employers may experience high staff turnover and be bogged down by the paper trail that comes with recruiting a dissatisfied or misinformed employee.

Employment contracts are are strongly advised, as an employer you should provide a written agreement which details the requirements of the staff member when they are at work. A contract  outlines the rate of pay, which should always be clearly communicated to any applicant prior to commencing the job. Contracts also assist in ensuring company protocol and can minimise disputes.

  1. Do you already employ the very person you are looking for?

Internal recruitment is a great way reward good staff. It will also contribute to the development of individuals within the business who are empowered to work hard to reach the not only their professional goals, but your company’s goals as well. It is important to implement policies and procedures that will protect the confidentiality of the existing staff member. If they end up not taking the role but it was discussed with other employees then problems may arise.

  1. Is your interviewer an interviewing professional?

With the nature of small business it is a high probability that you do not have your own HR department. Recruitment agencies can be expensive, so how do you go about finding good employees that meet your needs?

It is about having a detailed understanding of what you are looking for and what the company needs from an employee to support business function and culture. You also need confidence in your employment contracts, policies and procedures to ensure you feel assertive when hiring. Employsure protects and teaches employers and advises them on all employment legislation so that you can feel confident when interviewing candidates.

If you do not have a strong competent person choosing your employees this could lead to a bad cultural mix potentially leading to employment relations issues and disputes.

  1. Try not to focus on what you do not want in a candidate

If you go into an interview with preconceptions of who you want, it may lead to discrimination. Any applicant who experiences discrimination even in an interview or prior to commencing the job, can legally make a claim of adverse action. For example, if you have a gender preference or dislike the physical appearance of the applicant and you disclose this to the applicant, you could find yourself in trouble.

Our Talent Acquisition Consultant, Rebecca Roebuck shares a little about our philosophy when hiring. Click here to view.

Just remember, although employment legislation makes it daunting for employers to recruit, there is support you can seek to ensure that you are getting it right. Employsure offers employers 24/7 advice for all clients and can assist you when recruiting new staff. We also tailor all employment contracts and policies and procedures to make it easy when hiring new staff. Call Employsure today on 1300 651 415 to discuss how we can help you.

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