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Employsure Success Story – Castle Cleaning

Employsure Success Story – Castle Cleaning (Last Updated On: January 13, 2016)

Muriel Downs is an experienced business woman who has owned and operated a range of companies in various industries. In 2006 she established Castle Cleaning to specialise in commercial cleaning. Below is how Employsure helped Muriel by adding our experience in workplace relations to her expertise in business.


Employing 38 people and 6 subcontractors made HR feel like a “part-time job” for her and she knew, even as an experienced businesswoman, she wasn’t qualified. Her business had already been audited twice, with audits being very commonplace within the cleaning industry. Muriel decided to engage Employsure, who were able to provide the specialised advice and documentation to make her life easier and her business compliant.

What we did

Muriel was growing increasingly confused as to what was the correct documentation for her industry. Employsure carried out a complete audit of all her documentation and provided her with correctly worded contracts for all her staff.

Employsure also provide Muriel with straight forward advice whenever she needed it, which has given her confidence in her business endeavours. Muriel’s believes it is people who really make the difference to a business, an attitude which Employsure wholeheartedly supported by giving her the right advice whenever she was in doubt allowing her to do right by her employees.

The result


Employsure always responded to Muriel the same day she called, therefore Muriel never had a long wait for advice. This kind of reliable service, with excellent backup, is exactly what Castle Hill aims to provide to their client.


Muriel knows she can “bounce problems” and issues with Employsure and get reliable, specialised advice on tap. This ability to tap into our knowledge and experience is very reassuring for her.


Since engaging Employsure, Muriel has more confidence when it comes to dealing with her employees. She admits that she often had an idea of what to do but was unsure of the correct approach to take. Now Muriel has the confidence to handle any workplace problem which may arise.


Castle Cleaning employees now feel more comfortable with formalised paperwork, as they know where they stand. Muriel also feels more comfortable that she has done everything she can to satisfy Fair Work standards.


The implementation of her workplace documents were “easy” says Muriel.  She knows it’s available for all new employees and all she has to do is “give it to them and it’s done”.

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