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Fans of 1D ask employers for compassionate leave

Fans of 1D ask employers for compassionate leave (Last Updated On: August 26, 2015)

One Direction have decided to go in different directions according to several news reporters around the globe. It has left fans devastated, sharing their sadness via social media and in some cases, not turning up to work.

The average age of a One Direction fan is 19-years-old, however there is a surprisingly strong fan base in woman over 50! According to The Daily Mail, 45 per cent of fans are over the age of 35. This is where the band’s split really comes into a catchy bridge. Employers are experiencing absence and presenteeism as a result of the bands crescendo. Are your employees at work but really thinking about the demise of 1D?

Devoted fans have called in sick to work describing to employers that they are in a state of mourning.

Fans are very upset over the band’s decision to take a year of extended leave to focus on their solo careers and are posting sad tweets everywhere. “If 1d is over my life is over” and “Please tell me I’m dreaming and 1D aren’t really breaking up 🙁 🙁 🙁 WORST DAY EVER”.

Back in March, our UK parent company experienced a spike in calls from employers of 1D fans as a result of the band member Zane leaving. Hundreds of employees were asking for compassionate leave after the star quit the band, and employers were seeking advice on how to appropriately deal with the situation . Read the interview here.

If you are an employer and have experienced any employees requesting leave or if your staff are at work but not present and singing “Where do broken hearts go?” call Employsure on 1300 651 415. We can offer advice to any employer who is questioning leave entitlements or if One Direction really is ‘stealing your girls and taking their hearts away’.

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