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‘I feel a sudden flu coming on…’

Public HolidaysJanuary 23, 2017

‘I feel a sudden flu coming on…’ (Last Updated On: January 23, 2017)

Over 200,000 employees are expected to call their bosses on Friday morning with an excuse as to why they cannot attend work. Employers are currently bracing themselves for the influx of sudden flu like symptoms from employees wishing to enjoy a four day long weekend and not have to turn up to work hung over from an Australian Day bender.

With Australia Day falling on a Thursday this year and Friday being considered a normal working day, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief James Pearson said that the amount of employees planning to chuck ‘sickies’ may end up costing businesses as much as $62 million dollars.

Calling in sick on Friday will be a temptation for many employees, however there are ways you can reduce the chances of your employees being one of the 200,000 who will do the wrong thing come Friday 27 January.

  1. Allow your employees to take annual leave on Friday

If your business will not suffer as a result of your employees taking Friday off work, allow them to request the day off as annual leave. However, ensure that you are clear on how much notice is required of the employee’s intent to take leave.

  1. Ensure you have a return to work policy in place for employees who do call in sick

Having to sit down with their boss for a one on one meeting after calling in sick may deter any non-legitimate sick leave. Request that employee who calls in sick produce a medical certificate for the day they were unable to attend work.

  1. Enforce that employees must call their manager directly

This means the employee cannot just leave a message that they will not be at work today. Ensure that all employees know they must call their manager if they are too unwell to attend work. Do not accept voice messages, texts or emails.

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